Nestlé, Transparent Baby Food
It’s natural to be transparent.



Mothers are more and more concerned about the quality of the food offered to their children, and they feel guilty when they are not able to prepare meals at home. Since its development, Nestlé’s baby Food Line was always produced to satisfy demanding mothers: the ingredients are controlled since the crops, the recipes are adequate to the children’s different development stages, the homogenization is done with minimum starch or rice and the vacuum sealing does not require preservatives or additives, assuring quality for 12 months. But, in the last years, it became difficult to believe that so practical products can be also natural, and the segment started to face resistance.

To show the target the quality characteristics that the line has always delivered, Nestlé adopted a transparent communication, capable to reduce barriers and stimulate the shopping consideration.

True Vision

The new packaging should reflect the products’ naturalness, highlighting the attributes: selected ingredients, careful preparation, absence of preservatives, zero sugar and reduced salt for the salty varieties starting from the 3rd stage. All with Nestlé’s expertise and tradition.

Creative Expression

Guided by the naturalness and simplicity prerrogatives, CBA B+G incorporated the labels transparency to the design, using the product itself as a base for the packages information. Less elements occupy smaller spaces, amplifying the visualization area, and the images (photos) present real ingredients under natural light. Bo, the iconic character, still indicates the different life stages to facilitate the identification of the varieties and the mothers’ comprehension. Green details were also applied, following the world guide: the cap, the Bo’s clothing and the decoration with small leaves help to transmit freshness.

So, the packaging started to impact through naturalness, revealing a perception aligned with the products’ reality.


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